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I believe that to be truly successful you have to emerge into your subject.
Therefore I tackle projects together with my working colleagues on our own terms
and keep close ties to our contacts and subject matter.
The market these days needs finished stories to be produced
and together we can live up to the expectations.

‘Refugees’ is a long-term project with two focal points. For three years already I have focused my photojournalistic agenda on the refugee situation around Syria and have worked on various locations in Iraq or Turkey to capture the life of refugees who fled the war in Syria. Secondly I have an eye on the refugee influx from North and Central Africa to Europe which is a more important issue by the day. I plan to continue my engagement in both hotspots over the next years as it doesn’t seem like for them to loose urgency.
This buzz word alarms most people and give them a feeling of discomfort. Frequently mentioned in the same vain with extremism, crime or terror and as a symbol for chaos and destructive mania. Media frequently shows the obvious negative aspects of the movement and activists themselves rarely are able to get a word in edgeways. What do these people want? Why are they fighting against the current system and what is their goal? This documentary should light up the dark corners of these movements and clear up misunderstandings against vegans, house squaters and protesters. My punk roots and being an activist myself gives me a profound network into the deepest wings of those movements.
With my experience in mountaineering and climbing I set alpine photography as my second pillar. For the future I work on various alpine and climbing projects - mainly in the local scenes of the eastern and western regions of the alps to show the roots of the sport - and I accompany La Isla Verde to various expeditions around the world - like Markha Valley or Stok Kangri in India. When abroad I will document modern day expeditions with the eye of a critical social photojournalist and want to discover the countries behind the billboard illusion.
inns'bruck alpine
Since Innsbruck became "The Sports-City of the Alps", a huge alpine climbing, big-mountain skiing and alpine biking scene developed. Between the regular sports people and the pro's, there is a small, sworn-in group practicing this sport on a top level, but without being in the centre of attention or contracted by sponsors. A story about a heart-blood afflicted group and its background.
no opinion
Punk-rock music is an ever growing scene in Austria, Germany or Italy. Only a hand full bands are out there since the very first beginning of the scene - like NoOpinion. I will follow the guys from autochthonous skate-punk/punk-rock band out of the foothill-hoods of the alps to show their every-day lives, the energetic stage times and the turbulent existence when living PUNK! in a more and more mainstreamed society.
As a photographer the best way to show your work is to print it on the best paper available and show one’s work as big as possible. I am always opting to shoot my subjects in a way that suits fine art standards because for me the real connection between subject, image, photographer and audience is only to be established in an environment where there are no distractions - like galleries and exhibitions.
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