Spending that day at the EXO factory near Geneva was not only a great experience...

…it was also challenging to shoot in that noisy and fast-paced industrial surrounding.
EXO Kayaks is one of the market leaders in producing white water kayaks and also well known for their palmy Kayak Pro-Team. Over a complete white water season I got the chance to come along with the EXO Pro-Team and discover together with them the greatest white water districts across Europe. One stop of this journey was a day at the EXO factory in Sestri Levante near Geneva/Italy. See the full process of rotational molding and discover how a brand new white water kayaks evolves out of a “hand-full” plastic granulate.

working time frame: 8 hours
selection out of 214 delivered photographs
post processing: Agfa Vista 400/Agfa Vista 800/Fuji Superia 800